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Our Story

Macian is the birthright of two distinct extraordinary design heritages coming together to become one. Our founder, Silvia Olcese grew up in Liguria, a region that was exposed to British culture during the XIX century. As a creative, growing up amidst this historical scenery, mental nods found their way into her intuitive design philosophy. The rusty red, forest greens and mustard yellows of childhood summers in Portofino colored her palette. Macian’s derives from visual memories and a solid appreciation of their origins.

We never forget the past because it paints our future.

Our Northamptonshire’s shoemakers come from a lineage that traces back 900 years+ of making perennial leather classics. The Italians in us romanticize culture, appreciating the craftsmanship or artisanry artisanal and showcasing it. Together we retrace British soles, giving traditional designs a modern twist, embracing the cultures and eras over time. We reinvent them through historical archives and modern influences. Aesthetically we are timeless because we are age appreciative. We take the best from our predecessors but adapt to our future. As a female led business we want to embolden a new generation of women who never have to compromise. Macian is a genuine affirmation of two cultures, which believe luxury is achieved by considered craft and design.

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We put emphasis on the types of materials and methods used in making each of our collections. Our launch collection uses Goodyear welting, and Vibram and Dainite soles, made with the finest materials.

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